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→ Sep 2014

Hmm…did Chris steal Sebastian’s sunglasses??

One is Carrera 600 other is John Varvatos by the looks of it, so nope…. But if it does make you feel better Sebastian actually wore those glasses in a shoot

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→ Aug 2014


When the actors are, actually, their characters

→ Aug 2014 "Who the hell is Bucky?" —

the Winter Soldier

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but…why is the Winter Soldier cursing? HYDRA supposedly designed him to be a weapon, a tool - not to have emotions. He shouldn’t feel anything here, when Steve calls him Bucky. The Winter Soldier shouldn’t care what his target calls him. The fact that he bothers to respond at all is probably out of character for him.

Still, responding “Who is Bucky?” might indicate a desire to gather information on/from his target. Responding with “Who the hell is Bucky?” implies a level of frustration/confusion/irritation that the Winter Soldier shouldn’t even be able to feel. Which suggests that hearing his own name spoken for probably the first time in 70 years produced an instantaneous breakdown in Bucky’s programming.

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I think you’re way overthinking this…… It literally was just a throw back to the comic book and he’s really not a clueless, little puppet there……..

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→ Jul 2014

People just really want to know if ‘Captain America’ is single or dating anyone.. [x]

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→ Jun 2014




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→ Jun 2014 Because I am too tiny to carry Steven’s shield apparently

Because I am too tiny to carry Steven’s shield apparently

→ Jun 2014

Marvel Expo in Paris

→ Jun 2014

The Captain America’s Smithsonian expo straight from Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie. It looks even better in person! The blue jacket isn’t as vibrant tho as I thought it’d be…

→ Jun 2014

What did you want the Winter Soldier to come across as? How did you want us as the audience to see him?

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→ Jun 2014


The Winter Soldier - Concept Art